Conor Jones

Conor Jones is a composer based in Pasadena California. Since moving to in LA in 2012, after graduating Berklee College of Music, he has worked on a broad array of music for different mediums. This includes but is not limited to: TV shows on A&E and Lifetime, promotional materials for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, award-winning short and feature films, and web series. When Conor is away from the studio he can be seen on the golf course, at the gym or donning lycra and ascending the local mountains on his road bike. 

Kevin King

Music Composer, Kevin King began his journey in the music industry in the early 2000’s.

Kevin started out as a music producer for local Los Angeles Hip-Hop artists and has since held many titles including music composer, music supervisor and music programmer. 

With song writing credits across multiple genres, you’ve probably unknowingly heard his songs. Listen closely and you’ll hear his compositions throughout hit television shows such as Dance Moms, Total Divas, Are You The One and many more.

Kevin has always enjoyed film and television and pays keen attention to the way background music cues distinctively create the mood for each scene.

Chase Ryan

Chase Ryan Is a Writer, Producer, and Engineer based in San Antonio, Tx.

Chase started playing music as a child and continued his education when he attended and received his degree from the Los Angeles Recording School. Chase has worked for artists such as Debby Ryan and THΞ ΠΞvΞR ΞΠDIΠG, Zach Callison, Alyson Stoner, Mark Hoppus, Hudson Thames, Blake Lewis, Leona Lewis, Mdot, Fantasia, Olivia Somerlyn, Island Apollo, Dallas Lovato, Tracy Thomas, Mess, Bella Thorne & IM5, Dallas Lovato, Cady Groves, Lybecker, Josh Beech and more. As well as work for film and television clients such as Lionsgate, Disney, Grindstone, Lifetime, Mar Vista, Collins Avenue, EQtainment and others.  

Mark Grilliot

Mr. Grilliot is a rising star in the world of Film & TV musical composition, a record producer for young Hollywood, & a businessman. His music has been streamed by millions, and his work has been featured in hundreds of hours of television and film projects.  He is currently producing & writing songs in L.A. Mark works with a team creating score for tv & mobile apps like the children’s program Q Wunder endorsed by Michael Strahan on Good Morning America.

From these experiences, he was catapulted into the pro music production circuit working with world-class acts including Diddy, Pitbull, Akon, Kat McNamara (Universal), Bella Thorne (Disney), IM5 (Simon Fuller), Debby Ryan (Disney, Hub), Katerina Graham (Vampire Diaries, 17 Again, Honey 2), Alsou (Universal), Paul Butcher (Nickelodeon), Alyson Stoner (Disney) and so many more.

Mark writes music for placement in shows including Scrubs, The Doctors, Vampire Diaries, and Disney’s “Radio Rebel.”

Raymond Theodore

Raymond Theodore is a veteran music supervisor and record producer.

Having spent years in television music supervision, Theodore understands the tight deadlines and high expectations of network executives and creatives.  His work has been evident in numerous productions including “Raising Asia”, “Abby’s Studio Rescue”, “Dance Mom’s Miami”, & “So Sharp.”

Raymond is currently writing music and breaking artists under development for Atlantic Records, UMPG, and Roc Nation.  He flourishes as a composer for national and syndicated television and film placements.